Photographer & PR Coordinator

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What is the Photography & PR Coordinator position?
Photography and PR Coordinator is an exciting new position for those interested in building their photography portfolio or PR resume. The Photographer & PR Coordinator will oversee taking daily pictures around the camp. They will also manage their program’s social media, weekly newsletters, and internal flyers.

Is this a full-time position or part-time?
At our larger programs (like Chaverim, Kesher, and Morasha), we are hiring for this job full time. At our smaller programs, this will be part time – an additional responsibility to your job as counselor.

Experience taking pictures with a professional camera.
Adept in social media.

Pre-Summer Trainings:
Before the summer, there will be 2 Sunday group trainings – one for photography and the second for marketing/PR
1 individual meeting with supervisor.

Summer Responsibilities:

  • Post daily pictures of each participant on Campanion
  • Send weekly newsletters to parents
  • Regularly update our social media platforms
  • Activity pictures
  • Take group pictures – pre-Shabbat
  • Make flyers or internal camp PR when relevant
  • Upload all pictures to one central location
  • Put together an end of summer slideshow/video


Limited spots available, so apply now!

For more information, please contact Yachad’s summer department at or 212-613-8369.