The camping experience can make all the difference in the development of any child or young adult. The same is true for anyone living with a disability. The summer offers everyone a chance to grow and mature in an informal educational setting where the “classroom” can be the ball field or the dining room. Yachad Summer Department, the largest provider of Jewish camping opportunities for individuals with disabilities, offers a wide variety of programs catered to each person’s needs. Depending on age, religious observance, length of your “summer break” and previous experiences, Yachad has the perfect summer program for each individual.Interested in finding out more information?

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Yachad’s Summer Department has options for both Campers as well as Vocational enrichment opportunities.

Yachad Integration Programs

Campers live in their own bunk with supportive counselors and are integrated during the day for activities with their mainstream peers.
Chaverim (males 8-30)
Kesher (females 6-20)
Lavi (ages 10-15)
Morasha (ages 12-21)
Nesher (ages 8-14)
Shoshanim (females 9-16)

Yachad Vocational Programs

Vocational participants work in sleep away or day camp settings with the support of job coaches. (ages 9-15)
Moshava Alevy
Moshava Ba’Ir NJ
Moshava Ba’Ir Toronto
Moshava Ennismore
Moshava IO
Moshava Wild Rose
Camp Stone

Camper Integration Programs

Campers are fully integrated into a bunk with their mainstream peers. Each camper is supported by a Yachad trained counselor who helps them navigate the social and day-to-day aspects of camp. (ages 22-30)
Camp Dror Boys (Israel)
Camp Dror Girls (Israel)
Moshava Alevy
Moshava Ennismore
Moshava IO
Moshava Wild Rose

Yad B’Yad Israel Experience

An inclusive touring program to Israel for post-10th & 11th grade high schoolers and young adults with disabilities.

Adult Getaway

A program for adults who are looking to get away and take a vacation to beautiful upstate New York.

Birthright Israel

Yachad’s Birthright Israel Trip is run through Israel Free Spirit.