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Are you interested in an exciting and rewarding position with Yachad/NJCD this summer? Look no further! Yachad is looking for people to fill many different positions within our variety of summer programs.


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Camper Programs

Yachad offers a variety of camper programs at various sleepaway camps, including Chaverim, Kesher, Mesorah, Morasha, Sephardic Adventure Camp, all Moshava camps, and Nesher. We are looking for counselors who enjoy going to a camp and working with Yachad members. Yachad members at these programs range in age from 9- 21 and have a variety of needs- both physical and emotional. Your responsibilities will include caring for our Yachad campers and facilitating inclusion (or mainstreaming) with the mainstream campers. Staffing ages differ for these programs. Applicants for Chaverim and Kesher generally begin at having completed Junior year in high school (although it is flexible based on position). Applicants for Lavi, Mesorah, Morasha, Moshava, and Nesher can be finishing their senior year in high school and older.

Vocational Programs

This innovative program allows individuals with disabilities to become full staff members in a typical camp setting. We provide them with jobs at various sleepaway camps (Lavi, Mesorah, all Moshava camps, Amichai and Morasha) or day camp (Moshava Ba’Ir New Jersey, Moshava Ba’Ir Toronto) where they get the experience of working at a job and the satisfaction of being part of a team.

We are looking for patient and upbeat job coaches who will act as a counselor/job coach within our vocational programs. Responsibilities will include overseeing the Yachad workers when they are at their job helping them achieve their vocational goals, in addition to facilitating the Yachad workers’ inclusion in camp’s social/recreational programming.

Yachad has a vocational program at Moshava Ba’Ir New Jersey (MBNJ) and Moshava Ba’Ir Toronto (MBT) day camp. Staff for this program typically work Monday through Friday and the same hours as all of the staff at camp and then return to their homes. There are occasional evening staff meetings and extra curricular activities that require staff to attend as well.

Staff for vocational programs are open for those finishing their senior year in high school and older.

Adult Getaway

This is a first session program for staff with two 2-week sessions and a break in the middle. The Getaway program takes place in our famous “Getaway House” where Yachad members have the chance to take a relaxing vacation without the pressure of a bus tour. Responsibilities for this program would include care for our Yachad participants, along with creating and running activities. Staff for this program need to have completed shana aleph or one year of college.

Yad B’Yad

Yad B’Yad is a uniquely inclusive touring program that takes mainstream high school students together with young adults with special needs on a tour of Israel. The program for staff begins with a two day training, followed by a high school orientation in the New York area.  Your responsibilities will include caring for our Yachad members physically and emotionally, and mentoring our high school students. In addition, you may be assigned to some other jobs that will enhance our trip. Staff for this position must be a minimum of two years post high school.

Birthright Israel

Yachad’s Israel Free Spirit Birthright trip is a ten-day travelling program in Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18- 32 with developmental and/or cognitive special needs.  We run two trips a year, mid-winter and late spring that leave from the New York/New Jersey area.  The trip is staffed by a Yachad Program Director, a Birthright Trip Educator and 12 direct care staff. We provide one direct staff member for every two participants. We emphasize a peer support approach to staffing our trip to facilitate an inclusive Birthright Israel environment.  Staff must be at least 21 years old at the time of the trip.

PLEASE NOTE: All staff who receive salaries will be paid at the conclusion of the summer.

If you have any questions regarding any of these programs contact us at 212-613-8369 or