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Moshava Ennismore 2017 - Week 2

| We had another AMAZING week!!! |   Color War Reveal For the first time Yachad revealed the winner of color war. Each Vocational member represented a team. We put on a show for the whole camp. We did four staged competitions and the first perso...
Moshava Ennismore Blog 2 days ago

YBY2: July 18: Lebanon Border, Rafting on the Jordan River & Jeopardy!

Hey Parents! So today, being not only the first day of this trip in Israel, but my first time in Israel ever, was really amazing!! Arriving in Israel the night before, we weren't able to see anything in the dark, so waking up in Israel, the land we a...
Yad B'Yad Trip 2 Blog 3 days ago


Today we were all the airplane all day! We all slept a ton (it's the social thing to do!). We ate tons of snacks and had a really good time with all of our friends! We landed in Israel and we're so excited to finally be here! We met up with the rest...
Yad B'Yad Trip 2 Blog 3 days ago
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