Joel Daner Yachad Communal Fellowship

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The Joel Daner Yachad Communal Fellowship (JDYCF) aims to shape emerging leaders who plan to go into careers in social work, psychology, medicine, education, not-for-profit management, development, public relations, policy planning or organizational leadership; or those who hope to serve the broad Jewish community in a lay leadership capacity.

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Yachad is seeking outstanding post-college graduates who want to learn, grow, and contribute to an innovative, thriving, and dynamic human rights organization that has been on the cutting edge of disability inclusion for over 35 years. Candidates must be thoughtful and concerned about the broader Jewish community. Applicants must be able to think flexibly and creatively and also be interested in ‘doing.’

This year-long Fellowship, at the intersection of the Jewish community and the disability inclusion movement, will support the Fellows’ development in working as part of a dynamic multidisciplinary team aimed to meet the social and inclusion needs of Jewish individuals with diverse disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental challenges, deaf and hard of hearing, physical disabilities, and medical health and mental health needs.

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Yachad will offer the following placement locations:

  • Headquarters in New York City focusing on Community Leadership
  • IVDU School in Brooklyn, NY focusing on Education
  • DayHab in Brooklyn, NY focusing on Direct Care
  • New Jersey Yachad in Teaneck, NJ focusing on Community Leadership or Direct Care
  • New England Yachad in Brookline, MA focusing on Community Leadership
  • Yachad Israel in Jerusalem focusing on Community Leadership
  • Chicago Yachad in Skokie, IL focusing on Community Leadership
  • Long Island Yachad, focusing on Direct Care and Education

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