Yom Yachad Speeches!
Yom Yachad Speeches!

Dovid Wexler

Good evening everyone. My name is Dovid Wexler. I am from Woodmere, Ny, and I am on Yad B’Yad trip one. I chose Yad B’Yad because I wanted not only to have a fun summer, but to have a meaningful and impactful summer where I grow to be a better version of myself. Yad B’Yad has been incredible so far. I have made so many new friends and it’s only been 2 weeks. I built so many strong relationships with people from New Jersey, California, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Israel, Canada, and New York. I realized how important it is to include people that I otherwise might not be friends with. A moment that this message really stuck with me is on the party boat. I looked around and it didn’t matter what clothing each person wore, what each person looked like, or acted like. All that mattered was that everyone was dancing, byachad. Another moment that this message stuck with me is by Yom Ncsy. Learning that cheer before Yom Ncsy really showed me that we are “byad, Yad B’Yad, Yad B’Yad, Yad B’Yad Yad B’Yad.” 

Something that I have come to realize is that inclusion expands past the summer. It can apply in school when you see a person sitting alone at the lunch table, when someone is sitting alone on the bus, or when someone needs help carrying all their stuff. What all these scenarios have in common is someone who can use a friend. 

You can be that friend. You can be that friend. We all can be that friend. Byachad. 


This summer I learned the power of positive attitude. Specifically, my learning group counselor, Emme, prepared an amazing learning program this past shabbos about the power of smiling. Specifically one quote by Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch “A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give.” Using these messages, I can not only change the course of someone’s day, but can change the course of someone’s life. One way to get better at smiling is to be thankful for the little things. Every night, we hear a few people say an attitude of gratitude. People think about their day and what they are thankful for and share it with the group. Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are little things like waiting for someone while they tie their shoes. It makes me realize that the little things we do matter and we have the ability to make someone’s day just by waiting a few extra seconds. 

Remember. You can be that friend.


Zahaveet Dayan

Hi everyone, welcome to Yom Yachad! My name is Zahaveet Dayan and I am having the best time on Yad B’Yad Trip 1 hanging out with friends that include me. A big reason why I love Yad B’Yad is because Israel feels like home to me. This is my third summer on Yad B’Yad. The first time I went on a shabbaton before Yad B’Yad it was very hard for me, because I did not know anyone, and I was away from home. But now, I feel so much more comfortable because I know more about it. What makes it so comfortable for me is that everyone is so friendly and kind. This makes me Yad B’Yad feel like a family for me.


We have done so many awesome trips and activity so far. I love eating delicious chocolate at the De Karina chocolate factory, and I love dancing on the party boat with so many of my new friends. I have made so many new friends this summer, but what is also really special for me is that I got to reconnect with old friends from both far and near.

 A highlight for me this summer has been my amazing attendance group (shout-out group 3!). I love my attendance group counselors who keep me safe and my friends in the group who look out for me. Many times, it is difficult for me to be away from home because I miss my family, but on Yad B’Yad it is easier for me to be away from home. Throughout the four weeks on Yad B’Yad, I don’t miss home because the people on this program are like my second family, and I feel that every year I come back, I form new friendships with others. Yesterday was a great way for me to bond with friends. We went to Tel Aviv and had ices on the beach. Yachad always finds a way to make downtime, like hanging around, really fun and exciting by giving us ices, bringing frisbees, and other fun things to do.

 I also love learning from others on Yad B’Yad through the many learning programs that the counselors give. I especially loved the program on smiling by my counselor Emme Rosenblum. I learned that we should all be happy and when we smile that smile goes a long way. The positivity that my counselors and friends show me through smiling at me and talking to me enables me to have an incredible experience on Yad B’Yad.

I am so happy to be on Yad B’Yad and I’m so excited for many things to come including Israeli cholent, circle time, going to the dairy farm, and continuing to make new friends. I want to thank everyone for being friendly and allowing me to have an amazing summer experience! Enjoy the rest of Yad B’Yad!