Safety & Security

On the Yad B’Yad program, security is our highest priority.

In Israel, every decision regarding itinerary, travel route, lodging location, or site for an activity is made in conjunction with the Ministries of Education and Tourism in the Israeli government. Yachad remains in constant contact with the Ministries, and is provided up-to-the-minute updates and precautionary advisories as the security agencies in Israel evaluate each possible situation. Our itinerary is very flexible and we can change, and have changed, our plans within a very window of time. In addition, each group travels with its own medic and two security guards to be prepared for any emergencies.

We have a daily blog to keep you posted on the groups’ experiences. Our posts will let you know where your children are and how they are doing all the time. And their smiling faces in the pictures will be the best testimonial!