Yad B’Yad brings high school students together with Yachad members (young adults and teens with special needs) on a fabulous touring adventure. Participants form strong bonds of friendship and undergo personal growth as they experience the Jewish homeland, Israel, in a new and unparalleled way.

With safety always our first priority, our group enjoys time in Jerusalem, on an Israeli army base, at the Kineret and Dead Sea, and many other fantastic locations. They ride camels, hike up Masada, and participate in special Shabbat programs. Participants also give back to the residents of Israel by doing community service work.

Yachad members experience Israel just as their peers do, forming incredible relationships with their new friends. High school students benefit from a unique opportunity to give to others while gaining introspective insight. The program begins with an orientation in upstate NY, where our high school students receive background and preparation for interacting with our Yachad members during the Yad B’Yad program. The orientation is followed by a Shabbaton in the New Jersey area where the high school students meet up with the Yachad members and enjoy Shabbat.