What sort of things should I be sure to pack?

Take two pairs of glasses, one of which should be sunglasses; also take a copy of your prescription. If you wear contact lenses, bring a pair of glasses as a backup. Bring appropriate shoes for the various types of activities including: Sneakers for walking/sports, Shoes for city and Shabbat wear and shoes that will get ruined while hiking through water. Also be sure to bring a small knapsack or travel bag for daily use.

What should I not pack?

Don’t take too much. Remember that one outfit can be worn in different ways. Best not to take clothing with limited or special use. The more use a given article has, the better it is for travel.  Don’t take new shoes either, nor should you bring expensive jewelry or electronics.  If you choose to bring such items, YACHAD does not take any responsibility if they are broken, lost or stolen.

How should I bring my medications?

Be sure to take a supply of medicines, if special or prescription. If you take prescription medications every day, refer to the medical packaging sheet in your account online. Do not take supplies of aspirin, etc. beyond one bottle. You can get such items easily in Israel.

What do you recommend in terms of spending money?

Please bring spending money to buy souvenirs, additional water bottles and snacks. We recommend $300, which should include enough money for the sweatshirt.  Our staff will provide a “bank” to which participants can deposit and withdraw sufficient spending money, without carrying too much cash, and we will also exchange dollars for shekels at a good rate.  Credit cards are useful as a backup to cash, but not as a replacement.

How much luggage is allowed?

We follow El Al’s guidelines.  You can check on http://www.elal.com/en/PassengersInfo/Baggage/Pages/Baggage-Regulations.aspx for more information.  We strongly recommend that you only bring ONE large piece of luggage as you will need to be bringing it to and from your hotel room often.

How does it work with passports?

Yad B’Yad staff will collect ALL passports and will hold them in our safe until departure of both flights.  No participant is to hold on to their own passports.  This is done for the participant’s safety.

What if I want to extend my stay in Israel?

You are welcome to stay beyond the scope of our trip in Israel.  When the flight registration link goes out, there will be a place to put your request and then our travel agency, Ariel Tours, will contact you to work out the details.  Cost to extend the stay is a $100 fee plus any additional fare cost.

Do you have any additional advice?

Be sure to attach identification tags to all luggage, or stencil your name right on bags with paint. Buy yellow (or any bright color) mystic tape or sports tape and apply it liberally to suitcase sides and handles.