Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 6
Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 6

Dear Morasha Yachad Families and Friends,
What a week! In addition to all of our everyday exciting activities, this week was packed with programming and here are some of the highlights: On Sunday night Yachad girls joined girls campus for a Minute-To-Win-It competition while boys joined another Morasha division for glow-in-the-dark dodgeball. Monday night and Tuesday was tisha bav. Much of the day was filled with powerful and inspiring programs pertaining to the Beit HaMikdash and developing a greater sense of unity. After break-fast we had a delicious ice cream party! Wednesday was Yom Nate B’Yachad, where we joined all of the other Yachad programs from the area (Mesorah, Lavi, Shoshanim, Moshava, Moshava Ba’ir) at Camp Nesher for a concert with Shlock Rock. It was great seeing all of our friends and hanging out together! That night, a Torah was dedicated in Morasha so we had a massive hachnasas sefer Torah followed by a surprise concert by Simcha Leiner!! It was awesome! On Thursday night we had our third concert for the week, Live with Danny, where the head of music at camp played any and all requests from our division in a make-your-own concert… everyone had an amazing time! Finally, on Friday, after enjoying yet another fantastic week in camp, we excitedly look forward to ushering in another relaxing Shabbos B’Yachad.
Have a great Shabbos!

Congratulations to this week’s Morasha Value Award Recipients!
Hillel Taragin – Observe & Study
Sigal Miller – Mutual Respect