Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 5
Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 5

Dear Morasha Yachad Families and Friends,
Hard to believe we are finishing up our 5th week and well in to our second session! This week was a really exciting week and we wanted to share some of the highlights: On Sunday, after a regular action-packed day of activities we went to a big carnival in camp. Monday was changeover day, a bittersweet day on our calendar where some of our group went home while others joined us. That night we watched an inspiring 9-days play that taught us about the kotel. On Tuesday night we played a Morasha Yachad favorite; human foosball. All campers, vocational members, and counselors linking arms and played a game of soccer while replicating how a foosball game works. On Wednesday night Yachad boys and girls split up to play an exciting game of PANIC where we were broken into teams and competed in a timed dress up game – it was really fun to play and really fun to watch! Thursday night we were each handed a canvas and paint platter and taught how to paint beautiful pictures at paint night. Late that night, the voacational program at Lavi Yachad joined us for a late night mishmar. Finally, on Friday, after enjoying yet another fantastic week in camp, we excitedly look forward to ushering in another relaxing Shabbos B’Yachad.
Have a great Shabbos!


Congratulations to this week’s Morasha Value Award Recipients!
Rivka Gittstein – Achdut
Aaron Weiser – Heart & Soul