Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 4
Morasha Yachad 2017 - Week 4

Dear Morasha Yachad Families and Friends,
Hard to believe we are finishing up our 4th week and nearing the end of first session! This week was a really exciting week and we wanted to share some of the highlights: On Sunday we got to see many of our family and friends for visiting day (thank you everyone for travelling out and making it a day to remember for your children!). After visiting day ended we had a really fun and exhausting Army Night night-activity where we got to experience a simulated Israeli Defense Force army training by former members of the IDF. To top off an already amazing day, that night we began Morasha Olympics with the Olympic torch ceremony and were divided into teams; Mexico, Britain, China, and Jamaica. Monday and Tuesday were filled with competitive Olympic games including triathlons, apache races, newcome (volleyball), gage, minute-to-win-it races and more! Congratulations to all of the gold silver and bronze metal winners and to the British team for winning this year’s Olympics. On Wednesday, Yachad was Flyin’ High with helicopter rides circling around camp. What an experience watching all of our friends across camp waving to us from the ground up – it was awesome! That night, girls campus had a Night at the Tony’s where girls were given the opportunity to perform on stage in front of all of girls campus, while the Yachad boys joined boys campus for a large BBQ and B-Ball tournament. Thursday was Yom Yisrael, Israel Day, where we all dressed up in blue and white and learned about Israel together. That night we went on a camp-wide trip to a drive-in movie where we watched Despicable Me 3. Finally, on Friday, while the camper program got to enjoy a regular day of fun Morasha activities (finally!), the vocational program went on a trip together with the vocational programs at Mesorah and Lavi to Oakdale Mall in Binghamton for a fun scavenger hunt! After enjoying yet another fantastic week in camp, we excitedly look forward to ushering in another relaxing Shabbos B’Yachad.
Have a great Shabbos!


Congratulations to this week’s Morasha Value Award Recipients!
Shoshi Dean – Skill Building
Elan Galler – Achdut