HS Participant 1

HS Participant 1

May 29th, 2015

Now that the summer is done

And we all had so much fun,

We can look back at it and think

The fact that it’s over does sorta stink.


The counselors were really so great

The fact that I met them can’t have been fate,

They taught me so many important life lessons

Whether it be on the bus or during the learning sessions.


As the summer progressed

I realized this summer was the best,

We laughed, we danced, we had fun

A hundred and fifteen people became one.


In the blink of an eye

It was time to say good-bye,

With big hugs and some tears

We will remember this summer for years and years.


I would do anything to be back with you all

To continue an experience that was really a ball,

To look out at the views that were really sublime

To do the group four boys dance just one more time.


To be inspired by those that I love

To make a connection with God up above,

To learn about inclusion and being a great friend

To know that people will care for me until the very end.


To play a game of hide

To chill on a long bus ride,

To take part in all the gazz*

To be part of something Ashkenaz.


To pray together by the setting sun

To scream out Fun Fun Fun,

To dance like nuts at Yom NCSY

To stare up at the amazing stars in the sky.


To eat food called chullent, kugel, and geffilte fish

To realize that those foods are really nish**,

To be around people that will help me learn

To see a huge smile wherever I turn.


Even though it’s been so long since we were together

I know that we will all remain best friends forever,

I cannot accurately express in words that I miss you all so much

I love you all a lot, everyone please stay in touch.

Syrian Words

*Gazz- Fun stuff that is going on

**Nish- Disgusting