Trip summary

Post 10th, 11th Grade


5 Weeks

$7,750 + $350 Registration Fee

07/11/2017 - 08/14/2017

Learn about YBY 2017!

Parlor meetings and school visits will occur throughout the year! Stay tuned for more information and come learn all about Yad B’Yad 2017!

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Meaningful Friendships

Participants can be sure to create meaningful friendships as they bond while touring the land of Israel. You have the opportunity to meet many new people, all with unique backgrounds and experiences, coming from a variety of places. YBY participants continue to be in touch over the coming years by creating reunions and continuing their involvement in Yachad.

Jam-packed Itinerary

Yad B’Yad participants have the opportunity to tour the entire land of Israel, take part in enriching learning programs and have meaningful volunteer experiences around Israel. Each day is filled with various activities, adventures and endless fun!