About JDYCF & application process

Applications are NOW OPEN!

Fellowship Dates: September 2020 – June 2021 (start and end date flexible)

Stipend: $25,000

Application Requirements:

  • Post-college
  • Strong GPA (minimum: 3.2; must provide transcript or notarized letter from university confirming GPA)
  • Personal statement
  • Statement of career goals
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Copy of transcript
  • Resume
  • Photo

Application Deadline: April 22, 2020

Placement Locations:

  • Our main office in New York City, with a focus on Community Leadership
  • Our IVDU School in Brooklyn, NY, with a focus on Education
  • DayHab in Brooklyn, NY, with a focus on Direct Care
  • New Jersey Yachad in Teaneck, NJ, with a focus on Community Leadership or Direct Care
  • New England Yachad in Brookline, MA, with a focus on Community Leadership
  • Yachad Israel in Jerusalem, with a focus on Community Leadership
  • Chicago Yachad in Skokie, IL, with a focus on Community Leadership
  • Long Island Yachad, focusing on Direct Care and Education


Fellows will function as full members of Yachad’s staff. Fellows will be assigned a primary mentor—a staff member under whose tutelage and guidance they will directly carry out their diverse range of duties within the agency. Additional mentors will provide integrated training and experiential opportunities in other areas as needed. Together, the mentoring team will offer opportunities for the Fellow to acquire proficiency in disability culture and Jewish organizational leadership.  In addition, each Fellow will have a monthly meeting with Yachad’s International Director, and additional staff forums.


The ideal applicant should have a strong interest in social services and disability advocacy. Applicants may be on any career path such as social work or may be choosing to spend a “gap year” before continuing on in a career such as medicine, law, education, or business. Candidates must also be concerned about and dedicated to the global Jewish community. We are looking for a focused and motivated individual who possesses a vision for what they want to accomplish and the drive to perform. Our goal is to provide our fellows with the opportunity and guidance to establish, develop, and implement a plan that will create a lasting impact on Yachad and the global Jewish community.