The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center: Our Home Away From Home

Over the last ten years, New Jersey Yachad has grown into a large agency that serves children and young adults of all ages with disabilities, providing a variety of inclusive social programs, vocational trainings, social skills groups, Shabbatons, family support groups and more.

As we evolve we are constantly looking to increase our services to families. We identified a need to provide additional social activities for young adults who are looking for even more opportunities to build relationships and spend time with their peers. Our next step in providing for our adult members is the creation of The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center, where Yachad participants can participate in a variety of activities that will foster personal growth, friendship, increased independence and most importantly, a greater a sense of community.

What is The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center?
The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center (MBYACC) will offer social and educational programs for young adult’s ages 16+ who have special needs, where they can enjoy a “home away from home” experience. Our participants will enjoy Yachad activities at the Center, where they can spend quality time with peers, doing the things they like to do in an environment where they feel accepted, loved and included.

The Center will be open Monday through Thursday evenings, offering a multitude of opportunities for Yachad participants to unwind and socialize. All programs will include dinner, fostering a family style dining experience. Workshop activities include Culinary, Zumba, Art, Ulpan, Technology, Trips and more!

The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center will provide creative programming for Yachad participants and community members! Our doors will be open to high school and college students who want to engage in meaningful programs, paving the way for them to become involved in the organization for many years.

Transportation is available home from the Center to areas around New Jersey.

For more information please contact us at or call 201-833-1349.

The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center, located at 70 Sterling Place, will be open Mondays – Thursdays from 4:00pm-7:00pm.