Vocational Program

New Jersey Yachad’s vocational program provides individualized job training and placement services, focusing on each client’s strengths and capabilities.

We received a grant from the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey to spearhead a certificate program with The Jewish Home at Rockleigh. Through this program, Yachad participants will take a three-month course in customer service, housekeeping, food service, and other specialties.

How does it work?

The Vocational Program serves individuals who are interested in working in a mainstream environment, but need help finding jobs or are in need of assistance furthering their job skills or job techniques. We help individuals prepare for a professional environment, by walking them through our “work readiness” process. We assist them with resume writing, interviewing techniques, presentation and all the appropriate social skills required to be successful in a competitive work environment. We help with the job search and identify job leads. We can accompany individuals to their interviews and, once hired, we provide them with job coaches.

To best identify each individual’s road map to success, participants are evaluated through verbal and written assessments. We then monitor each individual at our facilities for a short period of time before sending them to volunteer sites where we can assess how they react and work in an actual work setting.

What services do we offer?

Individualized Programming

  • Focus on individual’s strengths and interests
  • In-office training
  • On the job-site training

Work Readiness Training

  • Resume writing
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills building
  • Computer training
  • Travel training
  • Budgeting
  • Time management

Job Placement Services

  • Job searching
  • Job developing
  • Identifying job leads
  • Interview techniques
  • Volunteer/Internship positions
  • Paid positions

On-The-Job Support Services

  • Job transition training
  • One-site job coaching
  • Continued contact and support with employers

Highlights of the Past Year

  • The number of participants who have travel trained successfully has increased
  • We now offer more paid jobs for Yachad participants
  • We have expanded our staff to provide more support and services to our families and increased the number of inclusion programs we offer
  • We received a grant for a therapeutic non-riding horse program in our Middlesex County Yachad Chapter
  • We were awarded for our community service at the Annual Main Event for the Women’s Philanthropy Division at The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey