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Clinical Services

Yachad is proud to offer an array of clinical services for individuals with disabilities, their families and their support network.

Relationship Building Course (RBC)

Yachad’s Relationship Building Course (RBC) is designed exclusively for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 18+ to help them acquire practical social skills for everyday living in home, community, social and vocational settings, and for participants to earn the skills needed to foster meaningful and lasting interpersonal relationships. RBC is a highly personalized program. Participants meet in small to medium-sized experiential groups, and with the support of trained facilitators, have fun while learning and developing their social skills. Topics covered include:

  • Communication and Conversation Skills (beginner/intermediate)
  • Understanding and Responding to Social Cues
  • Conversation Topics
  • Joining a Conversation
  • Starting /Maintaining a conversation
  • Personal Space
  • Managing Emotions
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Safety and Social Media

Dating & Marriage Skills Group

The mission of Yachad’s Dating and Marriage Skills Group is for Jewish individuals with developmental disabilities ages 21-34 to acquire essential dating skills necessary to develop and enhance relationships between individuals of the opposite gender.

Yachad’s Dating and Marriage Skills Group covers a wide range of topics such as Setting Up a Date, Initiating and Maintaining Conversations, Affection and Building Trust, Feedback in a Relationship, Going on the Date, and more. The course will utilize a variety of practical, educational and experiential techniques to discuss many necessary components of a healthy, fulfilling dating or marital relationship. To practice these skills in a real world setting, participants will have the opportunity to go out into structured dating environments with co-participants and the group’s highly trained facilitators and licensed supervisor.

Membership in this program is not automatic nor open to the public. It is by invitation-only. An in-person interview is required for interested new applicants to be considered for participation in this program.

Family Services

We provide individualized guidance and support to families, including siblings and parents, who have family members with disabilities.  Resources include conferences and workshops, an annual family Shabbaton, sibling services and more. Click here to learn more.