Relationships Building Course (RBC)

_MG_0219The mission of Yachad’s Relationship Building Course (RBC) is for individual’s with developmental disabilities ages 18+ to acquire practical social skills for everyday living that may be applied in a diverse swath of home, community, social, and vocational settings, and for participants to learn the skills needed to foster meaningful and lasting interpersonal relationships.

RBC is a highly personalized program.  Participants meet in small to medium-sized experiential groups and, with the support of trained facilitators, have fun while learning and developing their social skills.

RBC runs 2 semesters per year in multiple Yachad locations across North America and Israel including New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Topics covered include:

  • Communication and Conversation Skills (beginner/intermediate)
  • Understanding and Responding to Social Cues
  • Conversation Topics
  • Joining a Conversation
  • Starting /Maintaining a conversation
  • Personal Space
  • Managing Emotions
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Safety and Social Media

Interested in starting an RBC in your area?

To find out about upcoming programs in your community, or if you feel that your community could benefit from this program, please contact us by filling out this form.