New York Yachad Coordinator Application

Apply here to be a coordinator for the 2019-2020 programming year!


POSITION SUMMARY: As a New York Yachad Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to interact with the Yachad members of the entire division that you are assigned to with the added responsibility towards the members and families of your geographic chapter. There will be about 10 Shabbatons, 10 Sunday programs and potentially special programming over the course of the programmatic year. Attendance and participation is required. For each Shabbaton and some events, you will be asked to coordinate transportation for our members and staff and to chaperone the transportation. Each coordinator will act as a lead coordinator for 2 Shabbatons where they are responsible for the many creative and logistical aspects of the Shabbaton. Each coordinator will also have a unique specialty job that they are responsible for at each program. On Shabbatons where coordinators are not in the lead role they are expected to act as advisors, supports to advisors and a general help to the overall operation. Coordinators ensure the safety, supervision, logistics, creativity, communication and success of the Shabbaton, while facilitating inclusion and a meaningful social experience for all participants. Coordinators work as a team and directly report to program directors and assistant program directors.