New York
New York Yachad is dedicated to enhancing the life opportunities of individuals with disabilities of all ages, ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life. Yachad members participate in social and recreational activities. There are Yachad Chapters located throughout the United States, Canada and Israel. Yachad is part of the National Jewish Council for Disabilities.

11 Broadway, 13th Floor New York, NY

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New York Yachad Staff
Rebecca Schrag Mayer Director, Yachad New York
Rachel Mendelson Assistant Director, Yachad New York
Stephanie Sugarman Program Director, Junior Yachad
Raphi Cooper Program Coordinator, Yachad Long Island
Malki Infield Program Director, Gesher Yachad
Avi Kirshtein Program Director, Rayim Yachad
Chani Infield Program Director, Senior Yachad
Rachel Stahler Program Coordinator, Yachad Long Island
Tobey Karpel Program Coordinator, Yachad Riverdale
Ahuva Stern Assistant Director- Special Initiatives, Yachad NY
Yakira Begun Informal Education Coordinator, Yachad NY
Dovie Levinson Disability Educator, Yachad NY