New York, New Jersey, and Northeast NCSY, Together With Yachad New York, Unite for the Summit

New York, New Jersey and Northeast NCSY and Yachad New York came together on May 19-21 to host The Summit, a Shabbaton that took place at Camp Lavi for 290 people. The Shabbaton was filled with unity as the different departments and regions united as one. Shabbaton participants enjoyed the wonderful campgrounds and had countless educational opportunities throughout the Shabbaton on topics relating to prayer through being a good friend. On Shaabbos afternoon, the group completed Perkei Avos together and celebrated with pride. After an inspiring Shabbos together and a rocking havdallah, the fun was just beginning as participants enjoyed a silent DJ, rollerblading, a banquet, fireworks, and more. Before departing on Sunday, the talented singer Mordy Weinstein joined to teach to group a song as a popular Kululam session. Music video coming soon! Zahava Aryeh, a 12th grade student from Long Island, shared “my highlight from The Summit was singing together before Shabbos was over. It was so meaningful seeing everyone come together, put their arms around each other and sing to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.” We thank the program attendees and the staff from NCSY and Yachad for making this unique partnership such a meaningful one and look forward to the next collaboration!