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Our Way


Our Way for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was established in 1969 and addresses the social, religious, and education needs of Jewish deaf youth and adults in North America. Our Way is dedicated to including deaf children, teenagers, college students, singles, families, and the deaf blind in the full spectrum of Jewish life.



Our Way enables Jews who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in Jewish cultural and religious life through:

  • Deaf-friendly classes and lectures on topics such as Israel, prayer, and weekly Torah portion
  • Sign language publications and prayer charts
  • Shabbatonim (weekend retreats)
  • Family workshops
  • Holiday programs including Purim PowerPoint Megilla readings, challah bakes and holiday parties
  • The Jewish Deaf Learning Central offers “Torah in Sign Language” study sessions via Skype or vp (videophone)

Our Way Connections

Meet and cultivate new friendships with Jewish teens with hearing loss living in Israel by connecting and communicating through email! In order to best connect you with an appropriate pen pal, and to learn more about Our Way Connections, click here.

Family Support

Our Way imparts vital information and referral services to the Jewish deaf and their families. Our Way:

  • Provides social opportunities for deaf or hard of hearing children and their families
  • Identifies appropriate yeshiva day school or private school placement for deaf students
  • Helps families access sign and oral interpreters
  • Sponsors events for families with hearing impaired children on halacha and the deaf
  • Keeps parents abreast of the latest innovations and technology in deaf education


Hearing Aid Gemach

Our Way runs a Hearing Aid Gemach (free lending society), where members may borrow hearing aids that their own audiologists and hearing aid dealers recommend for their specific hearing loss. The program is free of cost and hearing aids may be borrowed until no longer needed.

Sign Language Prayer Charts

  • Shabbat Candle Lighting
  • Brachot Booklet
  • Signs of the Seder
  • Chanukah Candle Lighting
  • Shema Yisroel
  • Hamakom (Mourner’s Chart)
  • L’Shanah Ha-Ba B’Yerushalayim
  • Signs of Shabbat

To learn more about Our Way, please call 212-613-8234 or contact Rabbi Eliezer Lederfeind.