To Services

Family Services

We provide individualized guidance and support to families, including siblings and parents, who have family members with disabilities.

Annual Family Shabbaton

Yachad’s Family Shabbaton (Weekend Retreat) provides parents and siblings with support groups, networking, individual time with caring professionals who are leaders in the field and workshops which cover a variety of topics, including developmental milestones, the ABC’s of Autism, social skills vocational readiness, family dynamics and more!  These are just some of the many important topics our workshops address to provide families with vital and timely information.

The 2018 Yachad Family Shabbaton, held in early May, was a great success! Click here to view photos and check back for updates on the 2019 Family Shabbaton.

Parent Education Center

Parent Education Resource Center is dedicated to helping parents of children attending private and parochial schools here in New York City navigate through available government funded services. We want to help ensure that all children benefit from the services they are entitled to under the law.

Conferences and workshops

Our conferences and workshops provide parents with vital information, and a wonderful chance to network with parents of other special needs children. Some of the workshops that we have previously conducted include behavior management, navigating the school system, preparing to access employment, social skills training, and travel training. For more information on upcoming events, click here.

Sibling services

We provide support to siblings (whose brothers and/or sisters have disabilities) individually and through workshops and sessions which facilitate networking between siblings.