Order your Mishloach Manot Through Yachad Gifts

Yachad is excited to announce the relaunch of Yachad Gifts in time for this year’s Mishloach Manot giving on Purim.

The relaunch of Yachad Gifts offers a unique and meaningful way for the community to celebrate Purim by purchasing and sending beautifully gift packaged Mishloach Manot. Not only does this support the vital mission of Yachad, but it also provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to gain valuable work experience by packing and making these gorgeous gift baskets.

“We are thrilled to bring Yachad Gifts back to the community in time for Purim,” said Avrumy Jordan Director of Marketing Yachad. “Not only does this provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to gain valuable work experience, but it also allows the community to support our mission while sending meaningful Mishloach Manot gifts.”

A portion of each sale goes directly to supporting Yachad’s mission, making it a win-win for the community and individuals with disabilities. The community can choose from a variety of Mishloach Manot options and have them delivered directly to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Order your Mishloach Manot from Yachad Gifts HERE!