Inclusion knows no bounds. That's why Yachad is proud to have a chapter in the eternal Jewish homeland, Israel. Yachad Israel covers the gamut of inclusive programming. Out of our offices on Emek Refaim, we offer a daily vocational program, weekly Relationship Building Courses, chuggim, and more to Anglo-Israelis looking for inclusive programming in English.

Keren Ha'Yesod 22 Jerusalem, Israel

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Israel Yachad Staff
Rami Strosberg Director Yachad Israel
Yoel Sterman Director of Development
Dovid Oratz Director of Special Initiatives
Aviyah Atkin Director of Academy for Continuing Education (ACE)
Pearli Brown Coordinator of Staff Engagement, Summer Programs
Tikvah Juni Inclusion Advocate
Yitz Shmidman Chairman of the Board