Day 3: Share #MyYachadStory

In its 35 years, Yachad has touched the lives of thousands of people, creating a more accepting, inclusive Jewish community. Each story is different. Perhaps one person attended Yad B’Yad, Yachad’s inclusive Israel Experience, worked as a counselor in its various summer camps and actively participated in its Shabbatonim. Another might’ve only watched from a distance, perhaps at a Shul Kiddush or on an NCSY Shabbaton. Some could be siblings, parents, or friends of an individual with a disability.  


But each of them has a story. Each of them is aware of how Yachad changed their perception of an individual with special needs and taught them how an inclusive mindset can better the community. Today, we invite you to share those stories and publicize the value of inclusion and the important role Yachad plays in advancing this mission.



Now is my chance to enter a raffle where prizes will be drawn weekly!