Day 27: Sit With Us

Throughout her 7th grade, Natalie Hampton had trouble finding others to eat lunch with and was often found sitting all by herself. A few years later, in high school, Natalie was determined to build communities in which no one would ever have to feel her pain and sit by him/herself. Sit With Us, Natalie’s app, allows users to sign up as ambassadors, listing them as people who are welcoming and happy to have others join them for a meal. Over the past few years, Natalie’s app has been featured on news stations and papers across the country and is thought to be a unique platform capable of building stronger communities and preventing bullying.

This app is remarkable in its ability to promote inclusion. It’s difficult for those with and without disabilities to feel comfortable in social environments and there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been in situations in which he’s forced to eat by himself. Signing up as an ambassador allows others to find you at meals and creates a subtle, welcoming invitation for them to come and sit with you. Plus, you can always use it for those situations where you find yourself looking for others to eat with as well!

Visit to sign up as an ambassador and be sure to download the app!


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