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IVDU Schools

IVDU Schools, located in Brooklyn, and Long Island, New York, offer students with special needs (ages 5 to 21) a comprehensive and nurturing educational environment.

Our mission is to provide the core Judaic and General Studies academics, social, and life skills needed by our students to achieve their highest potential and develop into productive citizens in their communities. IVDU’s small student-teacher ratios allow for differentiated instruction to best meet your child’s individual needs. Each IVDU school specializes in developing a spiritual sensitivity as well as social skills, needed as part of everyday life.

Our teachers prepare students for peer interactions, communication in society at large, and future job placements. IVDU Schools provide students with a quality Jewish education to help them grow and flourish. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our programs with you.

For more information, please contact IVDU Schools at 718-758-2999 or view the staff list below.

Click here for more information about the IVDU Elementary School

IVDU Elementary School
1301 E. 18th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11230

IVDU Long Island Elementary School
410 Hungry Harbor Rd.
Valley Stream, NY 11581

Click here for more information on the Marilyn and Sheldon David IVDU Upper Schools

Marilyn and Sheldon David IVDU Upper Girls School
1244 East 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Marilyn and Sheldon David IVDU Upper Boys School
1760 53rd St.
Brooklyn NY 11204


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