North American Inclusion Month

Yachad is dedicated to the inclusion of all Jews with disabilities in every aspect of Jewish life. Our inclusive design aims to ensure individuals with diverse abilities their rightful place within the Jewish community, while helping to educate and advocate for a greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro-disability attitude.

What is the Mission of NAIM?

The goal of NAIM is to develop sensitivity and knowledge of what it means to live with disabilities, and to educate communities on how they can do their part to make sure all Jews are properly included in all facets of life. Through the support of Yachad, we can provide your community the tools to build a more inclusive community.

How Can I Get Involved in NAIM?


Yachad has over 35 NAIM events in February, including Shabbatonim, education conferences, Purim parties, cooking classes, torah study and so much more! Find an event in your region here.

Purim PowerPoint

Yachad presents “Megillat Esther: An Innovative Inclusive Megillah Experience.” Complete with fun and enjoyable graphics, this presentation supplements the megillah reading and will engage ALL members of your congregation in your inclusive Purim celebration. Over 750 synagogues in 6 continents have used this PowerPoint. Order yours today!

Siddur Magnets

New Jersey’s Yachad’s Vocational Program is assembling siddur magnets to help mark the tefillot in your siddur! Simply fold the magnet over the page and you’ll always be able to find your place. The magnets are attached to a card that has tips on how you can ensure a more inclusive tefillah and service. Please contact us if you’d like to distribute Yachad’s siddur magnets to your synagogue.

Scholars in Residence

Yachad has compiled a list of 30 speakers available to speak at synagogues across the country during February. We currently have scholars scheduled to speak at many of the cities where Yachad chapters are, as well as Memphis, Montreal, Riverdale and more. Please contact us to find out speaker availability.

Shabbat B’Yachad: February 9-10

The second Shabbat in February has been designated “Shabbat B’Yachad.” Rabbis across the country will speak about inclusion at services from February 9-10.

Special Education Conference in Baltimore: February 15

Keynote speaker Dr. Ross Greene will be speak about Collaborative and Proactive Solutions in Baltimore, MD on February 15. Learn more and register herePrior to the event, there will be a Parent Resource Night on February 14, which will be interpreted in ASL.

Contact Us

For more information about NAIM, please email us at, or call Yachad at 212-613-8376.