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February is North American Inclusion Month

Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities is dedicated to the inclusion of all Jews with disabilities in every aspect of Jewish life. Close to 1 million Jews have to overcome barriers in order to be included in Jewish life. Yachad wants to partner with you to help provide opportunities to include all Jews and offer them and their families a meaningful place in the community.

What is the Mission of NAIM?

The goal of NAIM is to develop sensitivity and knowledge of what it means to live with disabilities, and to educate communities on how they can do their part to make sure all Jews are properly included in all facets of Jewish life. Together we can build inclusive communities for all Jews, regardless of their challenges or special needs.

How Can I Get Involved in NAIM?

There are so many way to create an inclusive Jewish Community. Email, or call Yachad at 212-613-8376 to learn about the many opportunities your community can choose from in order to take part in NAIM. Whether you are an individual, synagogue, school, or community center- there are many ways you can make a difference, big or small.


February 1 & 22: Parent Support Group, New York Yachad

February 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29: RBC Winter Semester, New Jersey Yachad

February 1: Torah & Dinner, Baltimore Yachad

February 2: Pajama Party & Movie Night, Los Angeles Yachad

February 2: Lone Soldier Package Making, Detroit Yachad

February 2: Yachad at Beth T’filoh Dahan Community School, Baltimore Yachad

February 3: Parents, Guardians & Professionals Workshop, New England Yachad

February 3: YaYa Social Group, New England Yachad

February 3: Parent Resource Group, New England Yachad

February 3, 10, 17 & 24: RBC Winter Semester, Florida Yachad

February 4: Night of Mayhem, Cleveland Yachad

February 5-6: Chicago Yachad & Detroit Yachad Shabbaton

February 5-6: Brandeis Shabbaton, New England Yachad

February 5-6: Rayim Yachad HIR Riverdale Shabbaton, New York Yahad

February 6: NAIM Shabbat with GRS, Cleveland Yachad

February 7: Drum Circle, New Jersey Yachad

February 7: Zumba, Israel Yachad

February 7: Superbowl Tailgating Party, Baltimore Yachad

February 8, 15, 22 & 29: Inclusive Sports Clinic, New Jersey Yachad

February 8, 15, 22 & 29: Inclusive Girls Dance Program, New Jersey Yachad

February 9, 16 & 23: Ruth Ulevitch Lang Inclusive Arts Program, New Jersey Yachad

February 9: Care Packages for IDF Lone Soldiers, Los Angeles Yachad

February 9: Mask Making, Detroit Yachad

February 10: Dinner & Learn, Chicago Yachad

February 10: Yachad Apparel Night at Subway, Cleveland Yachad

February 14: Chicago Yachad’s Birthday Party

February 16 & 23 : RBC Winter Semester, New York Yachad

February 16 & 23: Relationship Building Course, Israel Yachad

February 16: Paint Nite, Los Angeles Yachad

February 17: Inter-generational Poetry Workshop, Cleveland Yachad

February 17: Rayim Social Group, New England Yachad

February 19-20: Junior Yachad Yavneh Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 19-20: Senior Yachad Sar Scarsdale Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 19-20: Rayim Yachad Young Israel of Woodmere Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 19-21: Houston Yachad & Dallas Yachad Shabbaton

February 20: Glow in the Dark Mini Golf, Chicago Yachad

February 21: Care Packages for IDF Lone Soldiers, Florida Yachad

February 21: Pizza Making, Los Angeles Yachad

February 21: Launch Trampoline Park, New England Yachad

February 22: Jump It, Baltimore Yachad

February 23: Pizza & Parsha, Detroit Yachad

February 23: Yachad at Beth Israel Religious School, Baltimore Yachad

February 24: Care Packages for IDF Lone Soldiers, Cleveland Yachad

February 26-27: Fasman Yeshiva Chicago Yachad Boys Shabbaton

February 26-27: Junior Yachad Yeshivat Noam Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 26-27: Senior Yachad Ramaz Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 26-27: Rayim Yachad South of Cedar Shabbaton, New York Yachad

February 28: Nickel City, Chicago Yachad

February 28: Yachad Joins Moishe House, Florida Yachad


Purim Power Point

Yachad/NJCD presents Megillat Esther an innovative inclusive Megillah experience complete with fun and enjoyable graphics, this presentation supplements the Megillah reading and will engage ALL members of your congregation in your inclusive Purim celebration.

Sensitivity Training

sensitivity training

 “Walk in Some Else’s Shoes: Building Awareness & Sensitivity toward your Peers” is a hands-on workshop to help understand individuals and their learning challenges.  Workshops can be adapted for all age groups, teachers, camps and youth groups.



Yachad has started the #BeHuman campaign for people to share their own “DIFFabilties,” a different ability or something that they struggle with. View all of the videos here!

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