For the Employer

At Yachad/NJCD we recognize that in order to create a successful working relationship, there must be mutual benefit. In hiring an individual with disabilities, you are bringing a motivated and loyal employee into your organization. You will be creating a more diversified workplace while taking advantage of government tax credits. You will also benefit from a public perception that applauds sensitivity to people with disabilities. Entering the workforce represents the ultimate validation to our pool of qualified candidates. Yachad/NJCD professionals are there to support and assist you throughout every step of the job placement process; they are on site initially and are available at any time in the future..

The job placement process is streamlined to create a win-win scenario.

The Job Placement Process


1. Identify job opportunities
2. Screen applicants
3. Identify a suitable match
4. Provide on-the-job coaching to ensure a smooth transition
5. Consistent checkpoints with NJCD clients and employers to ensure mutual satisfaction and increase the probability of success
Result: Win for YOU the employer
Win for the individuals with special needs

For more information on how the Department of Job Placement and Vocational Resources can help provide you with a hardworking, valuable employee please contact Michael Applebaum at 718-859-5402 or