Job Training & Placement

imageYachad/NJCD aims to both prepare individuals for work and to find appropriate work placements through the Day Habilitation “Without Walls” and Vocational Services programs.

The Day Habilitation “Without Walls” (Day Hab) program provides individualized work readiness training for each client. Day Hab clients are taught skills such as typing, filing, or customer service based on their abilities and work goals. They are then placed in volunteer settings so that they can gain experience in the work field and experience different jobs before they begin to work in one specialty or discipline.

The Vocational Services (Voc) department serves individuals who are ready to work in competitive employment, but need some help finding jobs or learning their job responsibilities once they gain employment. Voc clients receive assistance with job hunting, coaching and support for job interviews, and on site job training once they get a job, so that they can stay employed and work successfully.

If you are interested in vocational services please contact The Jewish Union Foundation at 212-613-8320.