Educational Support Services

Yachad 241

Yachad/ the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, offers resource and support for families, students, and the schools that they attend, fostering inclusion in the appropriate educational setting for each child.  Special attention is focused on including students with a variety of educational challenges in a Judaic school setting.

See a list of Yachad Education Conferences.

The Educational Support Service Division of Yachad offers:

  • Ongoing school consultations to develop and enhance effective teaching for diverse learners
  • Innovative professional development opportunities for educators on the national level as well as regional and school-specific levels including webinar series
  • Sensitivity Training Workshops for students and faculty
  • Government Advocacy
  • Resources for families, matching appropriate academic programs with their child’s learning needs.
  • Resource Library of books about various disabilities for both children, parents, and educators.

The Educational Service Division of Yachad sponsors the following programs:

  • IVDU Lower School
  • IVDU Upper School
  • International Jewish Resource Center for Inclusion and Special Education
  • New Jersey Association of Jewish Day Schools
  • Educational Support Hotline at 212-613-8127