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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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Moshava California 2016 comes to an end!

Hello MoshCali Yachad family and friends!! We had such an incredible last few days of camp! From finishing our amazing art projects, having  a mock wedding with eidah daled, hikes, special learning  to an amazing...

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Moshava California Voc – Week 6

What a jam packed week we had! We started off the week with a super fun color RUN, followed by a crazy color WAR, and ended it off with an inspirational Yom Yisrael (Israel...

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Moshava California Voc – Week 5

Session two has gotten off to a great start! All the fun activities have been in full swing including archery, ropes, airsoft, and horseback riding. The week has also been full of many different...

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Moshava California – First day of second session

Hello MoshCali Yachad Family and Friends! We had an AMAZING first day of second session!! From swimming, art, sports and chinuch- we had so much fun getting to try out so many of the fun...

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