IVDU Expands Student Electives

Education at IVDU Boys is so much more than academics. The school emphasizes providing the boys with exciting and growth-oriented experiences, from school wide basketball games and after school Mishmar to Shabbatons and marathons. Staff celebrate students’ efforts and make IVDU Boys a place where students want to grow and succeed. 

This year, the administration introduced a new way for students to develop new interests and pursue their passions through an electives program. 

In the past, IVDU Boys offered student- and staff-led clubs in chess, art, and music, but this year they elevated their options and hired experts in their fields to teach the boys. The students can choose among several electives — woodworking, computer animation, art, and music. Many IVDU students need to put a lot of effort to meet their academic standards. Electives offer them the opportunity to develop their passions, learn new skills, and feel good when they see themselves succeeding! Learning in a classroom setting can be a real struggle, and feeling accomplished outside of the academic arena can do wonders for a boy’s belief in himself. The students also get to develop other parts of themselves out of class, in their creativity, and in discovering new hobbies and building new talents.

The boys attended an electives fair, where they participated in demonstrations of each elective class, and selected which class they wished to join. Electives begin next week — stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture!

IVDU is the formal education division of Yachad, spanning 4 divisions: The Marilyn and Sheldon David IVDU Boys Upper School, The Marilyn and Sheldon David IVDU Girls Upper School, IVDU Girls Elementary & IVDU Five Towns and serves students from 5-21.